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    The Royal Queen Restaurant, formerly the Grand Restaurant, is a Szechuan restaurant located in New World Building in Queens, NY.
    We are a cornerstone of the community and have been recognized for our outstanding Seafood cuisine, excellent service, and friendly staff. You won't want to miss our dim sum!
    Our Seafood restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high-quality fresh ingredients. Call (718) 321-8258 today to set a reservation.
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Chinese restaurant
Asian Cuisine

Our incredible Asian cuisine is a fusion of tradition and innovation. We provide the Flushing, NY area with a wide selection of different flavors and styles of Asian food, especially Chinese cuisine. No matter which region you choose from on our extensive menu, you are sure to find delectable dishes that will delight your senses (and perhaps a dumpling or two). Read on to learn more about these wonderful cuisines!

​Cantonese Food

Cantonese food is known for strong, bold flavors, and often features ginger, spring onion, five-spice powder, and garlic. Many sauces and meats are used in the dishes, such as hoisin sauce or sweet and sour sauce. It also often features a wide variety of seafood, due to the region's proximity to the coastline. Wonton noodles, red bean soup, chow mein, and lo mein are some of the classic dishes from this area.

Shanghai Food

Often pickled in wine, Shanghai food is typically very light and mellow in flavor. Shanghai dishes tend towards allowing the original flavors to shine through, and thus are often light on spices and additional flavorings. One of the youngest types of Chinese cuisine, it has gone through many changes but often utilizes steaming, especially for its meats and seafood. Noodle soup is a classic in this region. Stop in today for a delicious Chinese lunch of Shanghai food or call (718) 321-8258 to learn about our specials!

Szechuan Restaurant

Pork is a staple in Szechuan cuisine, along with mushrooms and other delicious, bold ingredients. Pickling, salting, drying, and other preservation methods are very popular, and the dishes are often then generously spiced with chili oil. Sichuan pepper is also a common spice used in this cuisine. Hot and sour noodles, kung pao beef, and many other dishes are well known in this region, including delicious hot pot. Royal Queen Restaurant / 君豪大酒楼 is well known as a fantastic Szechuan restaurant. You won't want to miss our scrumptious Chinese dinner!

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(Translated by Google) Can't tell


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(Translated by Google) Nice morning tea and stir fry.


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IMO One of the better dim sum places in Flushing, but the prices are getting more expensive. It definitely hits the spot if your craving dim sum.

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